How To Grow Your Own Ginger In A Pot
  1. Take a pot about 50cm wide and at least 40cm deep, circular or rectangle is ok, filled with potting/gardening mix (organic if possible) a little more than halfway (you will need to add more soil in a few weeks so allow room for this)
  2. Make 2 indents with your finger about 10 cms deep, 15cm apart at least, further is better
  3. Place 2 small knobs of ginger with at least 1 eye facing upwards (the eye is where the shoot will grow from on the rounded end of the ginger) in the indents and cover with soil
  4. Keep the soil moist but not wet, and place in a sunny position (part or full sun is ok)
  5. After a couple of weeks top up with more soil as the shoots appear, do that one more time in 2 more weeks to keep the ginger under soil
  6. The green leafy plant of the ginger is quite pretty, my father harvests the ginger roughly 10 months afterwards (July) when the leaves start to brown and die off. You could harvest a little earlier around 8-9 months
  7. small knobs of ginger last harvest provided almost 1.5kgs of ginger (Update: in 2016, we got over 2kgs of ginger!)
  8. When its time to harvest, gently dig out the soil onto a plastic sheet (so you can put the soil back in the pot to reuse)
  9. Loosen up the dirt around the ginger to allow it to be pulled out without breaking
  10. With all this ginger, you can grate and freeze the ginger in ice cube trays for later use
  11. Or grate the ginger and mix with minced garlic and freeze (great for asian & indian recipes that usually always call of garlic and ginger!
  12. You can also ferment the ginger and create a jar full of gingery probiotic goodness by peeling and thinly slicing the ginger, covering it with a brine made from 1 litre of filtered water and 3 level tbsp of natural sea salt, using a flip top jar
  13. or check out my list of recipes for some gingerspiration!
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