Raspberry Kombucha Tea Recipe
  • ½ cup frozen or fresh organic raspberries (I find buying organic frozen berries much cheaper than fresh so this would be my preference)
  • 800ml approx fermented tea
  • 1 litre flip top bottle (or recycled clear glass bottle with screw kid works fine, just remember to 'burp' the jar every day to reduce the chance of the bottle exploding)
  1. Clean bottle with hot water and vinegar
  2. If your tap water is not reliable, boil some bottled water and swish about 100mls of the hot boiled water in the bottle with the lid on
  3. Allow the bottle to cool completely
  4. Add the raspberries (I use a funnel and push the frozen berries in with a chopstick)
  5. If they were frozen, I leave them for 10mins or so
  6. Then add the already fermented Kombucha tea
  7. Make sure you leave at least a 5cm gap to avoid bottles exploding from the gas build up
  8. I have been leaving about an 8cm gap now that I am living in a much warmer climate (which makes the fermentation process go faster)
  9. The berries will loose their colour as the kombucha draws it all out into the tea
  10. Allow to ferment for 2-5 days (depending how warm it is, it's really warm in vietnam and only takes 2 days over here. Back in Sydney it would take 4-5 days for the second fermentation)
  11. You can tell the second fermentation is complete when it is fizzy when you open the lid, it will also not be as sweet and will take on the fruit flavours
  12. You can also check out some more second fermentation ideas on my recipes page
Recipe by Enlightened Foodie at https://www.enlightenedfoodie.com/food_recipe/raspberry-kombucha-tea-recipe/