How To Make Bone Broth 3 Ways - Stove Top, Pressure Cooker and Slow Cooker
  • about 2kg-4kg (depending on size of pot) chicken carcasses, feet, necks. You can add any other bones you have saved up after meal times too (beef or pork bones although the flavour won't be as light as chicken bones on it's own)
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (I use this one)
  • 1 tbsp natural sea salt
  • enough filtered water to cover the bones (I used about 7 litres for this pot with about 2.5kg of bones)
  • a really big pot
  1. add all the bones to a big enough pot to be able to submerge them in water (you can par boil the bones to remove extra scum and smell by discarding the first lot of water once it boils)
  2. add the apple cider vinegar and salt
  3. add the water to cover the bones
  4. cover and bring to boil
  5. reduce to a very light simmer and partially cover(you should only notice a few gentle bubbles on the surface)
  6. skim any of the frothy scum off the top and continue to do this every couple hours until there is none
  7. you can start using the broth after around 3 hours for this large pot (if using a smaller pot and less bones, you can start a little earlier) leave on the stove all day on the low simmer, if you are worried to leave it on at night you can turn the stove off just before bed then turn it back on as soon as you wake
  8. my electric stove turns off by itself during the night so I just turn it back on in the morning
  9. repeat the next day if you wish for a deeper broth
  10. some of the water should have reduced by now and the bones become soft and easy to break apart
  11. allow to cool and strain into some glass jars (I use recycled glass jars of different sizes and a few small ones that are about ½ cup size which is great for cooking)
  12. once cooled, freeze until needed for about 2 months or refrigerate for about 7 days (I notice the layer of fat on the top seals the broth and it can keep for a lot longer in the fridge than 7 days)
  13. using single serve size jars makes it easy to just defrost enough for the day
  14. this recipe is best for a weekend when you just plan to be home all day, otherwise you can try it in the slow cooker or the pressure cooker (see below)
  15. Once you have bone broth in the freezer, you can make quick nutritious meals with the bone broth by reheating the broth with your favourite veggies or drop an egg in or shred any meat off the bones. (scroll down for some bone broth inspo)
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